About Us

 Serving our Community with quality and integrity
Registered 26th September 2013
Company No. 8707885

 60 Up is a not for profit Community Interest Company based in the Borough of Lewisham  that seeks to provide social, cultural, educational and health activities aimed at keeping older adults active and engaged in their local community and addressing the need for healthy lifestyle choices. Many older people will maintain their health and well-being into their later years. However others will face challenges such as ill health, mobility problems, increasing frailty, social isolation, declining mental health and the ability to access services and programmes. 

60 Up provides activities which are simple to access, encouraging elders, primarily but not exclusively in Lewisham, who are already active and independent to remain so and encouraging and enabling those who aren’t to become so; whilst lending support to those more vulnerable

Prevention and community support will be the driving force

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community, particularly older adults, in the London Borough of Lewisham and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

60 Up C.I.C is a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community enterprise. We aim to be a user led organisation; we encourage older people to seek their own personal development by offering social, recreational, cultural and educational activities. We promote healthy lifestyles and support older people to be active members of their local community.

Vision Statement

60 Up C.I.C improves the well-being of older people in Lewisham by encouraging and supporting increased participation in active and healthy lifestyles.