Welcome to 60 Up, the inclusive community enterprise

60 Up is a not for profit community interest company, working to provide opportunities for social engagement, supporting the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and facilitating the provision of activities that will keep you both mentally, and physically active well into your older years.

What we do: 60 Up aims to help those over the age of 60 remain independent, whilst lending support and encouragement to those less active. Through the provision of social, recreational, cultural and educational activities, we enable older people to take charge of their personal development, focusing on becoming a user led initiative. 60 Up will provide easy access to both low cost and free activities, which ensures the well-being of the local community remains the highest priority. The primary focus of 60 Up is to eliminate isolation amongst older people, encouraging them to participate in the socially enriched activities that are on offer. It is with the greatest passion for communal well-being that 60 Up has been created; fostering an attitude of acceptance and tolerance throughout, and ensuring all visitors feel welcome.